Looking for information about the most exclusive brands of motorbikes on the national market? Most bikers feel better when they are on two wheels and feel happier than when they are canned in their car.

Riding a motorbike is a feeling of absolute freedom, indescribable for those who haven’t done it yet. Some people like the thrill of burning up the tarmac on a circuit, some even belong to well-known biker clubs like Hell’s Angels, Krakens, Rebels Mc… Whether for one reason or another, a motorbike can give you a kind of experience that no car can give you, no matter how fast or luxurious it is.

Here you can find the top rated motorbike brands and the best value for money motorbikes according to national and European criteria, from our point of view and practice.

The best motorbikes


This brand could not have any other position. If we have to talk about the best motorbike brands, we will definitely find BMW. Here you can find everything you want when talking about a global motorbike brand. Enter MotoGP, World Superbike and Dakar championships, among others. That’s how solid the superb engineering of this brand is. But this comes as no surprise to the many fans of BMW Motorrad, which has been building and preparing motorbikes for us for a century.

From scooters to the most radical motorbikes on the market, and even models for a leisurely ride on a country track, there are many different models to suit the sport that suits you best. We have no doubt that the house offers one of the best value for money bikes when it comes to models such as BMW F850GS (Trail), BMW S1000XR (Sport) or BMW C650 Sport (scooter). Looking for the best brand of motorbikes? BMW could be the solution


mejores marcas de motos bmw


A brand better known for its cars than for its motorbikes, it is the eighth largest manufacturer of them. However, it is one of the most relevant brands followed by motorcyclists before it brought cars to market.

Honda’s first motorbike was launched in 1949, and since then it has won nothing but world-class MotoGP trophies. It has a wide market, from 49cc bikes, to the most developed 1000cc engines, with which it manages to win championships. Honda has an unbeatable price/performance ratio for its motorbikes.

mejores marcas de motos hondamotofichas


One of the world’s best motorbike brands.

14 Constructors’ Championships in MotoGP, and another 14 in Moto2. We have before us the quintessential Japanese brand. Its parent company, Yamaha Corporation, has been with us since 1887, improving year after year.

We can find a wide range of displacements, and no matter which one you choose, you won’t regret it.

Their models, elegant yet daring, are known for their handling characteristics and comfort, perfect for city traffic.

mejores marcas de motos YamahaMotofichas


Perhaps not as well known or popular as Honda or Yamaha. It has a history that is not as well known in the world championships as the other brands mentioned, but it certainly doesn’t mean it lags behind them when it comes to power, quality, technology and comfort.

Kawasaki bikes make a different story, producing sporty performance bikes for the street. Take the Ninja XZ, for example, known for its large, ultra-narrow chassis, radial brakes and incredibly low weight.

What you have to realise if you get on a Kawasaki bike, is that you have spectacular performance underneath you, as it filters its power from the track to the world’s streets and highways. Born to race, they are one of the best brands of motorbikes to have in your garage, and one of the best value for money motorbikes.

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Harley Davidson

Worldwide brand par excellence. American brand equivalent to the muscular cars characteristic of this nation. Very rare to be seen in any circuit or sporting event, because we are talking about the sensation of freedom with a lot of beauty.

All of us motorcyclists have seen ourselves sitting in one of them, doing thousands of miles on the most iconic roads in the USA. Known for the roar of its engine and for its Chopper style, it began to grow in the 50’s, it is the perfect type of motorbike if what we are looking for is to feel the air hitting us in the face. Beautiful bikes if ever there was one, Harley Davidson produce some of the best bikes on the market.

mejores marcas de motos


As you have read, there are motorbikes for all tastes. Would you like to enjoy one? If you are on the Costa del Sol you can rent a motorbike in Malaga and enjoy yourself on two wheels. We also tell you which are the best Gadgets for motorbikes.

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