The biggest players in the motorbike market are those with A2 motorbike licences, both scooters and motorbikes. Today we want to talk about the best motorbikes for this type of license. In addition, we are going to tell you which were the best selling motorbikes in recent years, and if they are the best sellers, you can also intuit that they are the best on the market although there is nothing written about tastes. 😉

Which motorbikes can I ride with an A2 licence?

Almost all motorcyclists reach a point where they are considering obtaining an A2 licence. Which motorbikes can be ridden with this licence? The motorbikes that can be ridden are those that are limited in power, but not in engine capacity. In other words, this type of licence allows you to ride motorbikes up to 35kW, and with a power-to-weight ratio of 0.2 kW/kg. To give you a rough idea, this means that the bike must have a power of 47hp.

The only requirement to qualify for this licence is to be 18 years of age.

Many people think that this licence allows you to gain experience, especially if you have previously ridden a 125cc motorbike with the A1 or B licence. It is best to go slowly, because if you choose a light bike first, it will allow you to gradually adapt to the world of 2 wheels.

As we have already said, before choosing a motorbike for the A2 licence, it is important to think about your needs and to know how you are going to use it. Keep in mind that it is advisable to choose a versatile, lightweight bike that allows you to gain confidence on the road.

Which motorbike should I choose for my A2 licence? 

1-. Kawasaki Z900 

It comes as no surprise that the Z900 is still the best-selling motorbike in the country. This privilege has been with it for the last few years. It’s a difficult thing to achieve, as it has managed to position itself at the top of the best-selling bikes.

Kawasaki’s aggressive sales promotions on all models are another of the reasons for its enormous success. The Z900 is available as an open-top version with a maximum power output of 125 hp, which requires a power-limiting kit to be offered to A2 motorbike licence holders with a limit of 47.6 hp.

A bike with a sporty look and bright colours that will certainly leave no one indifferent.


2-. Honda X-ADV 

The phenomenon that this bike has triggered has been a revolution in both motorbikes and scooters. Its revolutionary concept allows it to adapt to a wide variety of perspectives, which also explains its huge impact since its launch in 2017.

Already in its second generation since 2021, it has a limitation kit for the A2 motorbike licence. It is clear that sales are proving the brand’s unique philosophy right. This season, it managed to increase its registrations by almost 70% compared to its launch year. However, it also suffers from the worldwide situation due to the pandemic.


3-. Yamaha TMAX 560 

The success of the entire TMAX range, one of the most iconic models in the 2-wheeler market, is backed up by 20 years of success.

Its strong commitment to sporty scooters on a par with conventional motorbikes has helped it to establish itself as the absolute reference among maxi-scooters.

Currently ranked in the top 20 in overall market sales, its figures reflect a reduction of almost 15% compared to the 2020 figures, yet another sign of the anomaly of the current situation in terms of registrations.

The characteristics of its technical specifications place it within the maximum limit allowed for the A2 licence, completing a leading offer in this scooter sector in our country, thanks to the Japanese brand.

yamaha tmax 560

4-. Honda CB 500 X

Honda has 3 of its 5 A2 models among the best-selling motorbikes of recent years. The Japanese company has been the one that has adapted best to a panorama complicated by the global situation. The Honda CB 500 X is the trail representative of the saga that first adapted to the requirements of the A2 licence regulations from the very beginning.

Its two-cylinder in-line engine concept and its tubular steel chassis, which is fully designed for this purpose, have paid off, and the trail bike is a magnificent example of this.


5-. KTM 890 Duke 

One of the members of the Duke family couldn’t go wrong with our selection of the best limited bikes, in this case the standard version. The naked has a totally recognisable look thanks to the unique design that the Austrian brand has been stamping on its models for years.

It was inspired by the 1290 Super Duke R and had very advanced electronics: four riding modes, traction control, anti-wheelie, launch control, cornering ABS… the only thing missing was the bi-directional quickshifter, which was optional.

Its light weight and quality suspension and braking components make it a favourite among sporty riders.

For the next few years, KTM is reintroducing the 790 Duke with 95 hp to fit the A2 licence without having to reduce its raw power. This also means a more affordable model that retains its character and sportiness.


6-. BMW G310R

We finish our list of our favourite motorbikes for the A2 licence with one of the most popular brands among motorbike riders. BMW has achieved with its BMW G310R motorbike a careful design with purist lines within everyone’s reach. Among its strong points are its lightness and agility.


As you can see, there are many options for drivers with an A2 licence. Do you already have your favourite? Are you thinking of touring Andalusia on two wheels? If you are in Malaga you can rent a motorbike and enjoy incredible landscapes at your own pace.