Have you heard of this accessory for your bike? Heated grips are one of the most demanded accessories by motorbike lovers. Today from Marbesol Bike we want to tell you what are those details that you should look at to choose the best accessory to travel on the road. ­čÄ»

Heated grips are part of the equipment for the coldest season, after the summer and before the winter season arrives, many people are preparing and trying to save money in view of the possible increase in price of this type of accessory.

We tell you everything you need to know and give you a list of the best heated grips for motorbikes today.

What are heated grips? 

Heated grips for motorbikes, as you can imagine, come to replace the ones that already come with the motorbike. The main function is based on the fact that they cover the heating elements that generate heat and serve to provide warmth to the rider’s hand. These must be complemented by quality thermal gloves.

This accessory is connected to the motorbike’s battery and can reach up to 50 degrees of temperature, with some adjustable positions and buttons to make it easier to operate while driving.

How do I install heated grips on my bike?

Before you set about fitting your heated grips there are a few tools you will need.

As a general rule, they usually include:

  • ┬áCan of strong glue.
  • Cable ties
  • Sandpaper
  • Degreaser
  • Screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • 10 mm spanner

Steps to install the motorbike heated grips:

  1. Remove the seat.

We have already told you that the grips are connected to the battery of your bike, so we must remove the seat. Sometimes, the batteries have a protective plate and a control unit, you must disconnect it and remove it.

Connect the poles, the negative to the black colour and the positive to the red. Fix the screws again on each pole and replace the switchboard and the cover.

Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to remove the fuel tank with the 10 spanner (that’s why some grips include it in the kit).

2. Wiring at the front

Make sure that the cable does not pinch, tear or prevent the handlebars from turning properly, and that it does not touch the hot part of the engine.

3. Remove traditional cuffs

There are several ways to remove the old grips. If you have compressed air it will be easier, but if you don’t, use a flat screwdriver.

4. Anchor the switch

Bear in mind that when you are driving you will be using this control unit, so it should be located in a convenient place for when you want to raise or lower the temperature.

Each motorbike is different, some already have a support included where to anchor this switch, if you don’t have this support, use strong glue to stick it. As we say think well the area to make it comfortable.

5. Fit heated grips to your bike

It’s simple, put the glue on the inside and hook them on. As we said with the anchor, it is essential to place them where they don’t get in the way when you operate the bike’s controls.

6. Connect the cuffs to the battery, last step

Once you have checked that everything is correct and you are comfortable, it is time to connect the cables to the battery.

calefactables moto

Tips for buying a heated grip

  1. Type of cuff:
    Nowadays they usually come in 3 different shapes. Rubber only, rubber with gas shank or full gas grip.
  2.  Sizes:The standard size is 120 mm long. However, depending on the brand you can find other sizes. It is recommended that you measure your bike to buy the right ones.
  3.  Materials:You can find this accessory in many materials although the cheapest ones are usually made of rubber.
  4.  Hardness: This is a personal factor, as each rider has different preferences. There are grips of different hardnesses.
  5. Feel:You can also choose the texture of your heated grips. You can find smoother or rougher grips. Rougher grips tend to grip better.
  6.  Price: Here the prices are very disparate, taking into account all the characteristics that we have detailed, the price varies depending on the material and the manufacturer.

The best known brands to buy your heated grips are: 

Techno Globe

pu├▒os calefactables

In short, it’s all about choosing a product that suits your needs and the type of use or route you like to do on two wheels. They are very useful if you are a biker who rides in very cold areas.

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