Thinking about pampering and taking care of your bike while you gain comfort when riding it? Many people think that some accessories never hurt, but do you know which are the best accessories for motorbikes? 🏍

Here you can find a guide to the best motorbike accessories, telling you the best and worst of each of these accessories.

Top 14 list of the best motorbike gadgets  

Suspension forks

One of the accessories you will appreciate the most, but also one of the most expensive. Many motorbikes have a suspension that is too hard, making it difficult to ride on the road. This can be solved by changing the spring of the suspension itself, putting one or the other, depending on the type of bike and the driving we do.

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Anti-fall protectors

If you like to go on track rides, this is a must-have accessory. It is a set of bumpers anchored to the chassis of the bike to avoid breaking or marking the bike. Your bike will be protected, although we know that any protection is not enough. We recommend it not only for “R” lovers, but for all bikers, you never know what can happen at any time.

Upholstered seats

If you spend a lot of time sitting on your bike, we have no doubt that you will find the seat of your bike uncomfortable. By upholstering and fixing the seat, you will get a gel seat, which is much more ergonomic and comfortable for long routes or motorway journeys.

Rear seat cover

Also known as a tail cover, it is a cover that is used to cover the rear seat, making your bike much more beautiful. In short, making it a true single-seater.

Motorbike boot

The bigger our boot is, the better and more comfortable it is. We recommend it and we are very straightforward about it. There are thousands of brands and materials, waterproof and reflective, and there are many combinations. One of the best things for motorbikes.

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Boot fittings

Easy and quick to install, making it very convenient to carry a top case on the back of the bike, as it is always very useful to be able to carry something with you where you can keep and throw the odd item.

Rear seat grille

If you ride with someone else behind you, you’ll probably be familiar with this bike accessory. It consists of a rack attached to the seat of the pack, preventing it from sliding forward, gripping it and holding it in place for comfort and stability.

Short or small number plate holder

A must-have accessory if you want your bike to look beautiful and pampered. There are many different sizes, depending on the kind of bike you have.

Mirror extenders

These are most commonly used by naked motorcyclists. It consists of extensions for the rear-view mirrors, making the arm of the rear-view mirror longer, giving you a better view of your surroundings.

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Heated grips

This is a must-have if you ride your bike all year round. This accessory is one of the most demanded by all bikers. It consists of heated grips, regulating the temperature to the one that is most comfortable for you. Without a doubt, one of the best accessories for motorbikes.

Adjustable and extendable levers

You will be able to set the levers as you feel most comfortable. With levers available in thousands of colours and materials, you will have no problem finding one that suits your bike or your riding style.

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Curved valve

Enduro and trail enthusiasts, you will gain comfort with this accessory. A simple valve, but curved to the side, to get air in and out as you please.

Metal hoses

If you like to ride your street bike on racetracks, this is the perfect accessory for you. The function of these brake lines is not to saturate the brake cable so much, thus avoiding a scare or two. Tip: put it in the same colour as your bike.

Animal scarer

A pair of peculiar mini-brats for motorbikes. Their function is, as their name suggests, to scare away animals. It consists of a whistle that emits a sound when air enters through it.

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As you can see there are complements and accessories for all tastes. On the road it is important to be safe and comfortable. Are you coming to the Costa del Sol? Rent your motorbike at Malaga airport and make the most of your time on two wheels!

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