In recent years technology has advanced at a very fast pace in all sectors. Two-wheeler lovers are in luck because there are many gadgets for motorbikes.

Today from Marbesol Bike we want to give you a list of those gadgets for motorbikes most used nowadays. 😀📲😉

5 most used motorbike gadgets

We can say that many of these objects have managed to revolutionise the motoring world. More and more motorcycling enthusiasts are incorporating these gadgets into their daily lives.

gadgets para motos


  • Light mode 

Have you seen the illuminated helmets? Yes! The purpose of this is to increase visibility on the road. This motorbike gadget is highly resistant to water, heat and cold.

  • Turn point  

Do you know about smart gloves? You can wear a glove with gps to follow your path in complete safety. It is a glove on the normal right hand and the glove on the left hand will synchronise with your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

  •  Trumigo Moto 

Have you ever parked your motorbike and been afraid of it being stolen? The Trumigo motorbike gadget could be your solution. It is a tracking device that will let you know where your bike is at all times.

It is connected to the battery, inside a waterproof case.

  • Nuviz

Have you ever been bothered by the sun in front of you? You can avoid this annoying feeling with this motorbike gadget. It is a protective screen designed to increase protection. A smart screen that can even display information from your mobile phone.

It has functions such as GPS navigation, video system, etc.

  • Roame Zeros

Do you need new shoes for your bike? We recommend you take a look at this choice of motorbike gadgets.

These shoes have a brake light on the back of the shoe. At first glance they look like normal shoes, but they are able to withstand heavy impacts and you can turn on the light with the push of a button.

gadgets motos

As you have seen, there are many gadgets that make life easier for bikers. Do you know the best apps for bikers? If you are in Malaga and want to enjoy a rental motorbike you can book your rental motorbike in Malaga and start enjoying it as soon as possible.

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