More and more people are choosing to travel by motorcycle and are using biker apps. Many enthusiasts decide to buy their own and rent a motorbike for a few days’ holidays to enjoy this feeling.

The use of this means of transport is not exclusive to that, but more and more people are choosing them as an adventure and new experiences. The world of motorcycling, too, revolves around social groups as many friends share routes and trips.  Today we want to give you a small list of Apps for motorcyclists.

These motorbike apps help you to move around the city, give safety tips and others are apps for motorbike routes. They are all free so they will be very useful for you.

Motorcycle Apps

Waze –  Motorcycle App :

We´re sure many of you already know her. It’s a social browser that lets you know in real-time the state of the roads. It will give you indications of traffic, works, accidents. Streets cut off from traffic, etc. You will be able to adapt your route in case of any unforeseen event.

Waze as an application for motorcycles also allows you to share your location with your friends.

apps para moteros 

Rever Moto Gps – Motorcycle app:

Do you want to discover new routes? You can also share those you consider important. You will have access to these routes even if you don’t have an internet connection. A widely used app for motorcycles will give you information from little frequented trails to the favorite roads of the bikers.

apps para moteros reverYoutube

Rain Alarm – App moto:

A weather application that reports on the weather. This application is available for both IOs and Android.

apps para moteros

App línea Directa – Motorcycle App:

Offers tools for all riders. You will be able to locate your bike once it is parked, a guide with steps to follow in case of an accident, and even a breathalyzer calculator.

apps para moteros linea directa

WeRide –  Motorcycle App:

The purpose of this application is the possibility of communication between the biker community. It will allow you to meet people who also like motorcycles. It could be defined as a social network exclusively for bikers.

apps para moteros weride

Wikiloc – App moto:

An application that allows you to record your routes on a map and photograph the route. You can also see itineraries of other bikers and download their routes.

apps para moteros wikiloc

You may have already noticed that there are many biker apps available at this time. Here we have only named a few of them. Are you coming to Malaga and want to enjoy this adventure? You can rent your bike in Malaga and discover the city.

You can see some bike routes around Malaga here, but also around Andalusia. The luck of the Costa del Sol is that during the whole year the weather is good enough to enjoy this means of transport.

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