Are you thinking about a motorbike trip? They say that Andalusia is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. And it is not only because of its beauty, which it has, but also because of its people. Today from Marbesol Bike we want to tell you about the best motorbike routes in Jaén so that you can enjoy this Andalusian province to the maximum.

Before we begin we would like to explain some curious and typical things about this land. Did you know that Jaén is one of the provinces with the most bars per square metre? Yes, as you are reading it!

In addition, Jaén has its own Guinness Record for eating bread with oil. 13,000 volunteers gathered in Bulevar Park in 2009 to achieve this milestone. If you want to know more curiosities of Jaén you can visit the blog of Parlamento Tapeo. ✅✌

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Motorbike routes in the province of Jaén

Fortunately, the Jaén area has a wide variety of landscapes that you will discover at every turn.


This is the name given to one of the best known routes for lovers of two wheels in this province. This route starts in the town of Villanueva del Arzobispo. We recommend that you stop for breakfast and visit the town, which will take you no more than two hours.

Once you are ready, the motorbike route continues towards Albacete on the N-322 until you reach La Puerta de Segura. You will be able to see some of the remains of the old medieval fortifications in the town. Leaving La Puerta de Segura behind and taking the A-310 towards Siles we continue our route.

If you like motorbikes, this stretch of road will be perfect for you as it is fast and fun, with hairpin bends and unique scenery.

A stop in Siles is obligatory:

This municipality has a reservoir that belongs to the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. Passing through here on two wheels will make this route an incredible experience.

Once you have taken in the views, you should continue on to Segura de la Sierra. This small town was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in November 1972 and is a Picturesque Landscape.  Continue following the signs to Cortijos Nuevos and Hornos de Segura on the JA-9118.

Along the stretch of the JA-9118 you will come across the Tranco de Beas reservoir, a green area that can only be found on this motorbike route through Jaén.

The route “El disfrute de la sierra” is coming to an end, but before heading back to Villanueva del Arzobispo we recommend you to visit the recreational area of Charco del Aceite.

Depending on the time of year you visit this area is a perfect place for a swim. It also has tables, wooden seats and a kiosk bar.

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Have you heard of this motorbike route through Jaén? The average is one bend every 50 metres, which means 4,140 bends along the route. Its distance is 207 kilometres and is perfect if you are on the Costa del Sol.

This route goes from Málaga to Jaén crossing the Penibética mountain range.

Leaving Malaga you must take the A-7000 road, this section is an old route of the N-321.  You must follow the road towards the town of Colmenar. After passing this town, take the A-7204 road to join the A-4152. These secondary roads will allow you to enjoy the scenery as you head towards the province of Granada. You can make a stop in Riofrío for a good breakfast or lunch.

We continue our route of the 4,140 curves on the A-4154 towards Jaén, passing through Loja, the town of Algarinejo and taking the CO-8205 road.  There are many villages to visit along this route, so we advise you to look for their attractions and what you like the most and stop at those of interest to you.

A stop in Alcalá la Real is almost obligatory

It is located 71 kilometres from the capital and is known for having one of the most important monumental sites in the area, the Fortaleza de la Mota.

You will be impressed by the fortification, you can visit the Municipal Museum of Alcalá la Real, the Territory Interpretation Centre plus the entrance to the Mota Fortress for a total of 6€.

We continue our route by motorbike through Jaén, it won’t take much longer to get to the capital. Take the N-432ª road and then take the JA-4306 road towards Castillo de Locubín.  If you want to take some nice pictures you will pass the Puerto de Locubín with your motorbike, so it can be a perfect moment to take pictures of the landscape.

Continue this motorbike route through Jaén along the A-6050 road until you reach the capital.

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If you’re travelling from the Costa del Sol you can rent your motorbike in Malaga and explore the province by bike at your own pace. Maybe some more routes? Discover now the best motorbike routes in Andalusia and some apps for bikers that can be of great help!

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