Do you ride your bike regularly? Do you know how to distinguish between tyres in good condition and those that need to be changed? The wheels of your bike are essential parts, today from Marbesol Bike we want to tell you when you should replace them. ✅✅

Your bike’s tyres are the only thing in contact with the road surface, so their condition is vitally important. When tyres wear out, they lose grip, skid more and you are in danger.


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How long do motorbike tyres last?

You can guess that it depends on the model of the bike, but it will be necessary to change the bike’s tyres at about 40,000 kilometres if it is a good tyre. Cheaper tyres will need to be replaced at 5,000 km for the rear and every 10,000 km for the front.

When to change motorbike tyres?



Have you left your bike parked for a long time? You will notice that the wheel has a flat shape and you will feel some vibrations when you ride. It’s time to change the tyres on your bike. Check out the best brands of tyres on the market. 



Obviously this is an urgent situation. In some cases, if the tyres were in good condition, patching can be done to keep the tyre running.



On the road it is sometimes necessary to make unexpected braking manoeuvres, but this leads to increased tyre wear. In the case of motorbike tyres, it is easy for them to become deformed and lose their properties after heavy braking.

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Are the wheels on your bike more than 5 years old? It is time for a change. Also, when buying new wheels, look for wheels that are no more than 5 years old from the date of manufacture. Components and plastics can lose their properties after that time.



The normal pressure is two and a half kilos. And it should be normal to inflate them once a month, if you have to inflate them more regularly you may need new ones.

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As you can see, these are extreme situations for changing tyres on your bike, but as we have already mentioned, they are a key element for safety on the road.

Another important tip is not to wait until the tyre tread is completely worn off. The more worn they are, the more likely they are to skid.

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