The summer season brings many more journeys than during the winter. In addition, it is often added that with the heat many people use less protection. Are you going on a motorbike trip? From Marbesol Bike we tell you 5 tips to avoid motorbike accidents.

Although motorbike accidents represent a very small percentage of the total number of accidents, they do have a higher mortality rate.

That is why before going out on the road we must know the weather conditions, the state of the road and, of course, take our bike in good condition.


Feeling the adrenaline when riding a motorbike is one of the best sensations on wheels. There are many motorbike lovers who trust Marbesol Bike to enjoy their holidays on the Costa del Sol, which is why there are some factors that can influence our style and way of riding.

evitar accidente moto

  1. Mental and physical state

You already know that riding your motorbike calmly and without worries will make you more attentive. You should never ride a motorbike if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.

We also advise you to have an annual check-up. Sometimes taking certain medications can affect your driving, as these drugs can make you sleepy.

  1. Go well-equipped

Equipment is essential. We must bear in mind that if we have an accident it is the only protection we have. Wearing a good helmet, jacket, gloves, trousers and boots can save your life.

Sometimes, due to the heat, we think that it is not necessary and we do without some of these accessories, but on the road they will be essential for our protection.

  1. Visible reflective elements

Visible reflective elementsUsing reflective elements so that other drivers can see us clearly is a fundamental point to protect us from possible blows. Many motorbikes are already equipped with LED belts, reflective jackets, etc.

In France, for example, the use of a reflective waistcoat is compulsory.

  1. Driving at the speed limit

It is common sense and for all transport to respect speed limits. But we must also take into account the weather conditions; a speed of 120 km/hour in good conditions is not the same as the same speed if it is raining.

These factors must always be taken into account.

  1. Leaving space when overtaking

I’m sure you’ve seen the car behind you very close when it’s time to overtake you. Respecting the safety distance is a key factor in avoiding accidents on your journey.

Before overtaking you should make sure that you have enough space and, of course, good visibility.

The safety distance in the city should be sufficient and at least 5 seconds to rejoin your lane. We advise you to use your warning signals or turn signals in advance. And be careful with the braking of the motorbike.

consejos para evitar accidente moto

As you have seen, these are simple actions that can save our lives. Are you thinking of enjoying a motorbike route in Andalusia? Discover the best motorbike routes in Andalusia in our blog.

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