Do you like to ride on two wheels? Riding a motorbike can be one of the greatest pleasures on the road. But if you don’t have a good knowledge it can be dangerous, that’s why from Marbesol Bike we want to give you some tips for braking on a motorbike.

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Tips not to do when braking on a motorbike

  1. Do not brake with the front brake when you are bent in a bend

As you know, tyres have a limited amount of grip, and motorbike tyres are no less so. If you go over the limit, the tyre will break traction with the road and your bike will skid.

You’ve probably heard of crashes where riders break their collarbones. This happens if the bike skids with the front wheel in a corner, the front end sinks in and it is very dangerous.

  1. Relying on a single brake – Tips for braking on a motorbike

Many motorbike riders have become accustomed to braking with only one brake. If that brake fails, and it can happen because of excessive wear, you may lose control of the motorbike while trying to brake with the other brake.

Also, if you become accustomed to using only one brake, your bike will suffer a large decrease in the overall braking power of the vehicle. This is most often the case if the rider gets used to excessive braking with the rear brake of the motorbike.

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  1. Braking distances vary – Tips for braking on motorbikes

You know that it is not the same if the asphalt is dry and the weather conditions are good as if the weather is unstable and the asphalt is wet. The friction between the tyre and the road decreases drastically if the ground is wet. Even more so if there is snow or ice, in which case driving is not recommended.

On long, straight roads, where the brakes are not used, braking performance decreases after a long journey, contrary to what one might think.

In the case of disc brakes, and in good weather, driving for long periods in situations where they are not used, as mentioned above, performance may be limited when they are needed. This can be caused by dirt.

When roads are wet, brakes and pads can become covered with water and brake much less effectively.

How to avoid this?

In order to reduce the effects you can gently brake more frequently.

  1. Do not apply braking forces in wet conditions – Motorcycle braking tips

In normal conditions, a motorbike rider can apply approximately 75% to the front and 25% to the rear, but this traction will decrease in wet conditions. When the road surface is wet or damp the front brakes will not be able to apply as much pressure, so smooth braking with both brakes is important.

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As you can see, these are simple but very important actions to keep you safe on two wheels. Are you thinking about a motorbike tour in Andalusia?

You can rent your motorbike in Malaga at Marbesol Bike and start enjoying yourself.

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