Would you like to enjoy a motorbike ride in winter? Many are the lovers of this means of transport who do not want to stop enjoying their favorite sport during the coldest season of the year. Today we give you some tips to enjoy your motorcycle routes as safe as possible during the winter.

1. Equipment

During these coldest months, we must be equipped for our motorbike rides in winter. Winter equipment if possible, a raincoat and, if you can, some spare clothes.

equipacion moto marbesol

2. Thermal underwear

If you are planning to travel on roads where the cold weather is a problem, thermal clothing can be a great ally. You will be able to find this type of clothing for all parts of your body and in case it is very cold you will be glad to have it during your motorcycle trip in winter.

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3. Helmet

The hull screen must be very clean. Fortunately, most modern helmets have a pin-lock system, but it is essential that it is as clean as possible.

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4. Hand Cover 

We must keep in mind that the hands and feet are the parts of the body where the temperature is lost the most. If your bike can put them, this element will help you a lot.

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5. Elements to avoid

During the winter it is usually cold and wet, so our tires have less grip. One tip is to try to avoid painting the horizontal signs, zebra crossings, manhole covers, etc. This is also true of paving stones, which have less grip than asphalt.

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6. Get hydrated

The bike in winter requires more stops. The cold should not stop you from riding, but you should make stops to stay hydrated and warm. Also, do not travel with a full stomach or eat large meals, because the more blood there is in the stomach the less we will have in the extremities and it will be more complicated to maintain good body temperature during our motorcycle trip in winter.


7. Road conditions

Always check the road conditions and weather before starting your winter bike tour. And if it’s windy, it’s better to leave your route for another day. Motorcyclists suffer a lot from bad weather.

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8. Salt on the road

Very often they spread salt on the roads to avoid the ice sheets. This is welcome for all vehicles, but sometimes some bikes can accumulate quite a lot of salt so once you are at your destination wash the bike to remove any debris.

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Are you on holiday? Many people take advantage of this Christmas season to go on a motorbike trip and enjoy the beautiful views that some places offer. You can take a look at some motorbike routes in Andalusia. Do you need to rent a motorbike? Take a look at our fleet.

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