Cadiz is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Popularly known as the Tacita de Plata, thousands of visitors come to this province every year to discover many of the most beautiful places in the country. Today we want to propose you to discover the province of Cadiz on a motorbike.

During the months of January and February the city lives its big party, the Carnival. If you decide to go on a motorbike tour of Cadiz you will see that the city looks especially beautiful during these dates.

You will know that Jerez is one of the cities where motorcycling is most popular, thousands of people attend the Jerez Motorcycle Grand Prix every year so you will be able to find a lot of information and motorbike routes in the province of Cadiz. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Motorcycle route through the white villages of Cadiz

The Sierra de Grazalema is a challenge and a joy for every motorcycle lover. The mountain villages of the Sierra de Grazalema make up the well-known route of the white villages of Cadiz.

You have surely thought of creating your own route, so we tell you the points you can’t miss.

Places not to be missed on your motorcycle route in C√°diz

Cueva del Gato: Here you can find an underground river of 5 km from the Sima del Hundidero to pour the waters into the Guadiaro River.

Cueva de la Pileta: If you like art, here you will enjoy cave paintings. You should get informed before arriving.

Garganta Verde: You will love the spectacular views from this point, the Sierra del Pinar has a gorge as the only natural drainage.

The best thing to do during your motorbike tour of Cadiz is to adapt the route according to where you are, the time you have available and the type of motorbike.

To guide you a little more about the motorcycle routes in Cadiz we have a basic route.

cueva del gato rutas en moto por cadiz

Diputación de Málaga 

Starting Point: Ronda

You may have thought this was a mistake, since Ronda still belongs to the province of M√°laga, but it is only a few kilometres from the border with C√°diz. Towards Grazalema you will find a well paved road.

Grazalema: This place gives its name to the whole area. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains, we recommend a stop to visit the village. If you visit the Plaza de Espa√Īa in the village you will be able to see the active life here. There are also several bars and cafes where you can have a good breakfast or lunch. ¬†We continue with our motorbike route through Cadiz.

ronda ruta

Te gusta viajar

Zahara de la Sierra

Taking the road CA-9101 you will climb to the highest point of this route. A 16 km road, which for many bikers is one of the most beautiful areas to ride on two wheels.  This part of the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos will surprise you, a beautiful village where you will find its Torre del Homenaje. A charming place to continue on your motorcycle route through Cadiz.

zahara de la sierra rutas en moto por cadiz

Actualidad viajes

Prado del Rey

You’ll find the views of the valley spectacular. Also, if you are lucky you will be able to see animals grazing peacefully by the side of the road, horses, goats or cows. On your way to Prado del Rey you will pass by the village of El Bosque, another of Cadiz’s charming villages.

prado del rey rutas en moto por cadiz

Turismo de C√°diz


The land of the skin, the largest and most popular municipality in the area. It has two different parts, the most historical part and the commercial and modern part of the municipality. This town is known worldwide for the leather work of handbags, boots, belts and jackets. From here you can easily return to Ronda or to any point from where you left.

ubrique ruta en moto por cadiz

Andalucía rustica 

Tips for a motorcycle route in Cadiz

You must control the temperature depending on the season. The white villages of Cadiz reach 40¬ļ C in summer.

If you are going to travel in a group look at the state of affluence of the roads.

The white villages’ motorbike route through Cadiz is full of beautiful places, you will not take more than 3 hours on your motorbike so you can plan your time to make some stops and visits to the villages we have mentioned.

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