In recent years, many bikers have decided to dedicate their holidays to their main hobby, motorbikes, with Spain being one of the main countries where the whole of Europe travels its kilometres on the road, visiting the entire national panorama on motorbikes. The culture of motorcycling in our country is very high, being considered one of the largest and most important communities in the country. Today we give you some options for you to enjoy your motorbike holidays in Spain. 😎👏

vacaciones moto España

The passion and love for two wheels has increased in recent years. As you may already know, Spain is the perfect country as it has all the characteristics that a motoring enthusiast needs to have a great time, from incredible natural landscapes, green roads with both sea and mountain views or even great straights mixed with several hairpin bends, it’s a real blast!

Added to all this is the ease and comfort of travelling through a country that has a great infrastructure and a perfectly conditioned road network, plus a large number of petrol stations, emergency services, rest areas and even places to sleep peacefully. All this makes every motorbike trip, whether alone or with other people who share this passion, a unique, special and very exciting experience.

Motorcycle routes in Spain

If we talk about the number of options we can enjoy, we will realise that there are thousands of motorbike routes throughout Spain, varying from one another. Every corner of our country has a different taste and smell, a special wind and a more settled asphalt than another. However, from Marbesol Bike, we propose 5 motorbike routes for your holidays in Spain, which are perfect for all types of bikers if you are looking to disconnect and enjoy those days off. No matter what community or country you are from, there is a route for each and every two-wheeled enthusiast. If you want to have a great time, enjoy and travel by motorbike on holiday, just pay close attention to the following routes.

Picos de Europa by motorbike

There are thousands of motoring enthusiasts. Some prefer to visit towns and cities linked by coastal roads, where it feels like you’re sailing with the sea at your side, others prefer twisting bends, mountain passes or mountain roads where you can feel like an animal in its environment. For those mentioned, here is your perfect route to enjoy with your bike.

If you are passionate about the mountains and you want to get to one of the highest areas of Spain, you need to travel through the Picos de Europa on a motorbike, enjoying the adrenaline rush that comes from the sharp bends and the feeling of belonging to nature that the Picos de Europa provide.

You can link this route from Potes, travelling along the Puerto de San Glorio, arriving at the Posada de Valeón and finishing in Cangas de Onís. Thousands and thousands of curves in this picturesque natural landscape that will make you enjoy a totally different Spain to the one you are used to and spend the days and months in the city’s hustle and bustle.


Route around Barcelona

We are aware that we still have many places to visit in biker Spain, but we could not leave behind this city, so wonderful for its history, climate and landscape, as well as one of the European places with the greatest love and predilection for motorbikes.

Barcelona is a temple for motorcyclists and one of the cities in Europe with the most motorbikes. This city not only has a large number of motorbike lovers, but also has the good fortune to be able to enjoy unbeatable routes all over the surrounding area. Here you will find some of the most beautiful roads in Catalonia.

The route is not very long, only about 30 kilometres from the capital, but the most important thing is always the road, and especially the views that the road offers until you reach the Garraf Park, the whole Mediterranean Sea at your feet while you can enjoy the freedom of the motorbike. The Garraf Park is a natural area of more than ten thousand hectares, located between the regions of Baix Llobregat, Alt Penedès and Garraf. Once you arrive, you will have to leave your motorbike always protected and located so that you don’t have to ask for a taxi back, and once it is parked, you will have to walk through every metre of this marvellous place.

Ruta en moto por Madrid

If you are from Madrid you will surely know it, if you have ever passed through the capital of Spain it should ring a bell and if you have never been to the centre of the country, you have the perfect excuse to pack your bags and take a unique and very special trip on a motorbike. This is a very interesting route because you pass through villages with a great history and a very strong cultural roots, those rural areas of Madrid that are being lost among so much modernity of the city.

During this great route you will ride through the villages of Valdetorres de Jarama, Talamanca and Patones de Abajo, passing through the north side of the Sierra de Patones.

In this community we can also find one of the longest straights in Madrid, being famous for the area, starting in San Sebastián de los Reyes and ending when you run out of petrol on your bike, because… It is infinitely long!!!

Motorbike route around Malaga

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Andalusia, one of the best areas for enjoying the good weather on two wheels. However, any biker, or indeed anyone for that matter, should be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful tarmac roads in the south of Spain. There is a motorbike route through Malaga that takes you away from any problems and reconnects you with that part you missed so much.

This route is not just any route, with it you will be able to cover all the points of the province. This route along the Costa del Sol starts in one of the most fashionable cities in recent years, Marbella. From this point, it will be a continuous journey through all the most iconic towns and areas of the Costa del Sol. If you have never been here before, you can stretch your holiday as long as you like, as you will have to stop and fall in love with every corner of these villages, such as Fuengirola, Frigiliana or Nerja, where its caves are considered to be of cultural interest.

España vacaciones moto

As you can see, there are many areas where you can enjoy a motorbike holiday in Spain. Depending on the area you are in, you will be able to enjoy different routes.

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