You may have heard that some motorbikes can be driven with a B car licence.

Are you a motorbike lover? You already know that it is the best vehicle if you want to avoid the daily traffic. You should know that with the B license you can drive some motorbikes. Today from Marbesol Bike we tell you what they are.

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What motorbikes can you drive with your car licence?

For many bikers a 125 cc bike may be a bit limited in power, but it is a very good option to start with, especially if you are not familiar with riding motorbikes.

In addition, there is a wide range of 125 cc motorbikes on offer. Nowadays they are not only limited to what we know as scooters, but there are 125 cc motorbikes of all styles and with very different designs; chopper, robber, naked, cross, etc.

Did you know that 125 cc motorbikes are the best sellers? In addition, they are cheaper, are one of the best options for getting around town and can be ridden with a B driving licence, which opens up a lot more possibilities.

motos conducir carnet coche

Requirements for driving 125 cc motorbikes with a car licence

Any person whose car licence is more than three years old can drive motorbikes up to 125 cc and which do not exceed 11 KW of power.

Three-wheeled motorbikes with no power limitation, provided they are homologated.

We have already told you that driving a motorbike and driving a car are very different, so you will have to practice before going out on the road.

Approved 3-wheel motorbikes

Talking about this type of motorbikes, these can be a great choice for those who wish to travel a longer distance and do not have a specific motorbike licence.

This type of motorbike has no power limit if you have a type B licence.

125 cc motorbikes replicas of larger displacement bikes

We’re sure you’ve seen a bike that you’ve fallen in love with, and the fact is that the big bikes on the market have replicas of the biggest bikes of each brand, so if you like them, you’re sure to find yours!

motos carnet tipo b

As you can see, nowadays you can have a lot of fun on two wheels. We also recommend you to discover Andalusia by motorbike.

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