Every two-wheeler enthusiast knows that the main accessory for protection on the road is a good helmet. An indispensable accessory for every rider. There are currently thousands of models on the market. That’s why you have to be careful and always make sure that it is approved and complies with current regulations. Today we tell you from Marbesol Bike which are the best brands of motorbike helmets.

Being protected on the road is essential and helmets are essential to achieve this protection.

What are the best brands of motorbike helmets? 

When it comes to taste, everything is very subjective, as all motorbike helmet brands have aspects to highlight.  Today we make a small selection.

 Best Motorcycle Helmets Brands: Arai Helmets 

If you have heard of the Arai Helmets brand, you will surely know that it is considered the safest motorbike helmet brand in the world. Arai is a Japanese brand with almost 100 years of history that has been able to adapt to the demands of motorbike enthusiasts.

Its main difference is the shell, the resistance of the helmet, its shape and the absorbent EPS.

mejores marcas de motos araiarai

Motorbike helmet brands: LS2 Helmets

LS2 is the motorbike helmet brand of MRH, the world’s largest motorbike helmet manufacturer. It has a very meticulous quality control that allows it to have many certifications in the UK.

LS2 helmets have a perfect ventilation system, an inner shell with EPS system and the materials are of very good quality.

The best selling helmet of the brand is the LS2 Valiant.



Best Motorcycle Helmets Brands: Bell Helmets 

If we talk about the best brands of motorbike helmets, you can’t miss Bell. A brand of helmets dedicated to the manufacture of safety equipment for competitions.

Bell helmets stand out for their great aesthetics and, in addition, they pass exhaustive impact controls to which they are subjected.

mejores marcas de motos BellBell

AGV motorbike helmets 

If you are hesitating to choose the best brand of motorbike helmets, we recommend that you take a look at the websites of the brands we are describing. As a motorbike enthusiast you are probably familiar with the motorbike helmet brand AGV, the brand worn by Valentino Rossi.

Since 2007 the brand has belonged to Dainese, the French giant. A benchmark brand that is committed to quality and safety.

mejores marcas de motos agv


As you can see, there are several leading brands on the market. We recommend that you always buy your helmet in an official place and with all the safety measures and guarantee.  At Marbesol Bike we always use approved helmets for the safety of our customers. Are you coming to the Costa del Sol? Rent your bike in Malaga and start enjoying.

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