If you are a regular motorcycle user, you probably already know how to clean your helmet, but there are many users who still don’t know how to do it.  You will find millions of articles talking about this subject. Do you prefer the routes during the winter or the summer?  Keep in mind these tips for motorcycling in winter. Today we also want to give you all the tips for cleaning motorbike helmets.

Don’t think that your helmet to go protected when you ride a motorcycle will last a lifetime. It will all depend on the use and care you give it. Within this care comes the washing part. You must be very careful with the products you use as they can be harmful to the materials of the helmet.

It is advisable to wash the helmet of your bike after a long route or take several exits. It is not good to leave your helmet unwashed for a long time. You don’t have to wash your helmet every time you go out with the bike, it’s not necessary either.

Logically the screen if it requires more cleaning. As for insects, we at Marbesol Bike recommend that you remove them as soon as possible, they tend to damage the finish of the helmet if you leave them too long.

The cleaning of the motorcycle helmet must be done with specific products for this purpose. You can find them in any spare parts or accessories shop for motorcycles. If you do not have these products, you can always use some of those you have at home.

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How to clean the inside of the motorcycle helmet?

It is best to do this once or twice a year, but not too often either. If you have pads, remove them and wash them with warm water and soap. Once they are washed, let them dry in the shade.

Now that we have the outside surface clean, it is time to clean the inside. It’s best to find a large container where you can dip the detachable part. Currently, there are helmets with removable inner liners and others that do not. When you choose your bike’s helmet, try to make it removable.

If you haven’t washed it, you’ll never see all the dirt we’ve accumulated.

Wash your motorcycle helmet

The best way to clean the helmet of your bike in a comfortable way is to remove the screen to clean the dome and the screen separately.

You can be sure that at home you have neutral soap. You can clean the dome with warm water and a damp cloth with this soap. Never use a scrubbing brush as this can damage the surface. Bikers usually like to keep the surface shiny, so you can use a little window cleaner and wipe it down.

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How to clean the helmet screen?

In order to clean this part, it is best to do it separately. Fill a bucket or a bowl with warm water and immerse the screen with a little dishwasher. You can wipe it off with a cloth. Never use paper towels or hard sponges. The screens have special treatments for their durability, if you use this type of material you could damage it.

As you have seen, cleaning the helmet off the bike is not complicated, but it’s hard work. The more care you take with it, the longer it will last.

Now that you have your helmet clean and ready to use, have you thought about where your next ride will be? Take a look at these motorbike routes through Andalusia. If you like to share time and experiences with your friends you can be connected to the best biker apps ever.

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