Are you looking for an efficient battery for your motorbike? It is an essential part for the proper functioning of the bike. It is often overlooked, but it is essential for the engine.

Have you heard about batteries made of recyclable materials? Today we want to tell you about all the possibilities on the market and how to choose the right battery for your bike.

As a fundamental part of the so-called power triangle, it is essential to choose a good manufacturer. They usually offer more than 2 years warranty, this is important.

A motorbike requires quite a lot of care: from tyre maintenance to brake pad maintenance.

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Before buying any battery you should know all the options available to you, what their characteristics are and what advantages they offer.

If your bike is older, it will probably only support one type of battery, so there is not much to think about. But if your bike is more modern, you can choose between different types.

Types of motorbike batteries according to their maintenance

  • Maintained battery:

They are the most common on the market. They are composed of lead and acid. As you may have guessed from their name, they require maintenance of the liquid level in their tubes. Distilled water is normally used to avoid damage. Their life cycle is shorter than that of maintenance-free batteries.

  • Maintenance-free battery

This type is less common, but they are also present. They are hermetically sealed and cannot be opened. They are composed of acid and this type is recommended for large motorbikes.

Types of batteries according to their material of manufacture

  • Gel Battery

Its design is intended for small and medium-sized motorbikes.

  • Lithium battery

They are the lightest, longest lasting and strongest batteries on the market. They are small in size and a good option for bikers who don’t like to keep an eye on this part of their bike.

  • Lead acid battery

They are the most conventional and longest standing on the market; they need more regular maintenance, checking the acid level periodically.

  •  AGM Battery

This type of battery is available with and without maintenance.

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How to choose the right type of battery for your motorbike

We have already mentioned that choosing a good battery is essential for the proper functioning of your bike, but how to do it?

Look for a reliable shop: There are many possibilities on the Internet, but make sure that they meet all the quality criteria.
Select a battery that is suitable for the model of your bike; according to make, year of manufacture and model. Failure to do this could damage the whole bike.
Look at the warranty offered, the materials they are made of, etc.

As you have seen there are many factors to consider, but if in doubt always consult a professional. They will be able to guide and advise you in choosing the right battery for your bike.

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