If you come to the city of Malaga surely have thought of doing some tourism. To discover the best places in Malaga you only need a good route. During the holidays there are many excesses and what better than a little sport while enjoying the capital.

How do you plan to discover the most beautiful places in the capital? We want to give you all the information about bike rental in Malaga.

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Surely you have already noticed the good climate that is enjoyed on the Costa del Sol, specifically in the city of Malaga the average annual temperature is around 23 º C.  That is why the rental of bicycles in Malaga is a very demanded service, and there are many tourists looking to tour the city on two wheels.

Do you arrive at Malaga airport and need to rent a bike to travel around Malaga?

We tell you everything you need to know to start enjoying the city as soon as possible.

How to rent a bike in Malaga?

First of all you must choose well the company with which you are going to rent a bike in Malaga. Nowadays, the offer of these companies is quite wide and each one of them has its own conditions. If you want you can rent a bike here.

Requirements for bike rental in Malaga

Most companies will ask you to:

  • Your ID card or passport is valid.
  • Pay your reservation in advance to have the bike ready.
  • That you are of legal age.
  • That you have a credit or debit card.

Look at the conditions of each one of them before choosing your means of transport, so you will avoid confusion.

Proof of bike rental in Malaga

After making a reservation or rental of a bike in Malaga you will normally receive an email with proof of the reservation. This includes the day and time of pick-up, as well as the customer’s details and other useful information.

Return of bike rental in Malaga

The return of the bikes must take place at the company’s branch office, on the date and at the time stipulated in the contract. This is very important, we must be punctual at the stipulated time because if we return the bike late the company may impose a penalty for delay.

Benefits of bike rental in Malaga

Without a doubt, the bicycle is one of the most recommended transport alternatives. They are ecological, practical and easy to carry. Furthermore, you can move around the city at your leisure and, fortunately, Malaga has a bicycle lane in very good condition.

Another benefit of bike rental in Malaga is that you can reach any point in the city and enjoy it without hassle or rush.

This type of bicycles for rental in Malaga are fully prepared to enjoy. They are lightweight and high quality.

Doubts about bike rental in Malaga?

If you still have any doubt about how to choose your bike to discover Malaga you can contact us through our website and we will help you in everything you need.

Bicycle en route in Malaga

To give you all the complete information we propose a series of routes to discover the city and its surroundings while practicing sport. There are many benefits of cycling for our health.

Check out our post about bike routes, an electric bike? We got it!

Here’s the city street map to help you get your bearings:

Street map of Malaga 


Do you land at Malaga airport? Rent your car and your bike with us and avoid unnecessary waiting.

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