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A new year is about to begin, probably the most eagerly awaited because of everything that has happened this 2020 due to the pandemic we are suffering from. Although sometimes we have the feeling that the world only revolves around the Covid-19, the administrations continue to work and, in this year which is about to begin, the DGT will incorporate some changes in order to make Spanish roads safer for motorbike lovers.

normas dgt motos 2021

It is true that an increasing number of people are taking up the challenge of driving this type of vehicle, for example, in the city they avoid many traffic jams and save time. In Spain, despite the Covid-19, the motorbike has been one of the most widely used vehicles in 2020 thanks to its speed and the possibility of avoiding contagion. According to the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM), sales increased by 8% in Europe, with Italy, France and Spain being the main consumers.

Despite these figures and the good data on purchases, there is still a high rate of accidents on our roads. To try to improve these figures DGT has proposed a package of measures to come into effect during 2021.


Gloves will be a mandatory item on the road:

I’m sure you’ve already thought about it, because in the event of a fall we tend to put our hands first.

Goodbye to the guardrails:

Without a doubt one of the most requested measures was the elimination of these elements on the roads and that is that at high speed they produce many deaths. Public administrations have committed themselves to replacing conventional guard rails with SPMs (Motorist Protection Systems), i.e. flexible plastic systems that reduce injuries.

The state of the road also has a great influence on our safety, which is why the first step has been taken with the installation of the most dangerous sections.

It will be possible to go along the hard shoulder, but only in areas with traffic jams:

Motorists may ride on the hard shoulder at a speed of less than 40 km/h. This will prevent motorbikes from circulating between cars. This will prevent motorbikes from running between cars. It will only be possible on duly signposted sections, on other sections it will not be permitted to drive and motorcyclists will face a fine of 200 euros.


Intercoms for motorbikes are legal, provided that they are not headphones and are installed inside the helmet.

Furthermore, motorcyclists will be able to earn points by taking road safety courses.

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This post is also available in: Español